Upcoming Event : Together Developing Ghana (TDG) Conference 2024

Upcoming Event : TDG Conference 2024

AGY 360

Working to end extreme poverty in Ghana through community projects and innovation

Arise Ghana Youth Foundation, Inc. (AGY) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in June 2018, providing services to eradicate poverty in Ghana West-Africa. AGY’s projects are implemented by well-trained, carefully selected staff members who reflect an optimal blend of academic qualifications and relevant practical experience. AGY strives to provide a thorough foundation for future success to as many individuals as possible, driven by progressive ideas, bold actions, and support of working with the global community to create solutions to eradicate poverty in Ghana.

We inspire and practice policies that will lead to the elimination of poverty, alleviation of suffering and the achievement of sustainable livelihoods in Ghana by working together to empower individuals, communities, and the world to build a strong network with organizations that will effect:

Change through Mental attitude

Educating and empowering youth and citizens to have a positive attitude toward taking up responsibilities in the development of the country.

Change through Policies

Supporting policies that promote social justice and the protection of fundamental human rights, dignity and a decent life.

Change through Innovation

Investing in innovative ideas that will create jobs and bring economic and infrastructural development to Ghana.

Change through Service Delivery

Providing access to free quality healthcare and education, to improve the livelihood of individuals.

Message from the President

I have a dream… I have a dream, that Ghana will be a great country… That poverty and joblessness will no longer be the topic of discussion… That the people of the next generation will no longer go through the pain and suffering of these hard times… That corruption will be a thing of the past…That the average Ghanaian will enjoy the resources of the country, having access to free healthcare, and quality education, even those in deprived areas… That the people of the next generation will have confidence in the country…

That the mindset of traveling to a foreign country for greener pastures will no longer be an option. Never give up on this dream, because this dream, is possible. Do not be bothered by how many years it will take this dream to manifest. Do not be moved by how many people believe in it. One thing you should know is that it will only manifest if we believe in ourselves to get it done, with the right mindset and attitude, anything is possible. There are going to be moments that will make it feel like the dream will never be possible… The pain we are going through, the disappointments every day, the corruption everywhere, the unfulfilled promises, is going to make you say it is not worth it.

But we shouldn’t let the negativity distract us, because a limited vision will make us focus on the problems surrounding us and make us think there is no way out. Let’s ignite the courage in us and come back again and again. Yes, we are tired, yes, we’re hungry, yes, the mind is saying we cannot do it… But we cannot quit, because an entire generation is relying on us. So, we must believe, for as long as we believe, there is always that chance of making it. Let’s push the country into greatness Am telling you right now, let’s not give up, let’s make it happen.

We are going to empower ourselves and not let the current situations overwhelm us, for they are just temporary inconveniences. They can never be stronger than us united. It’s necessary that we take responsibility, to make it happen, It’s not going to be easy, no its not, it will be difficult, and yes it will. But it will be worth it. Let’s have the vision of never giving up. We become creative, innovative, and persistent. And keep on coming back again and again. And that we are the only hope for the next generation.

I promise you, the dream will manifest… I might not live to see the dream but that won’t stop me from doing my part to make it happen and neither should you… We are a proud nation blessed with abundant resources. Let’s work together united, as we improve the quality of the country for the next generation and those thereafter.

God bless you, God bless Ghana


“ AGY visited and donated to our orphanage. God bless them. We support AGY “

Mawusi Care Centre

Want to help end extreme poverty? Join our movement.

Fund a community business, create a sustainable business, and transform lives. Join us in our movement to end extreme poverty in Ghana by 2030.

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