AGY 360

Working to end extreme poverty in Ghana through community projects and innovation

Arise Ghana Youth Foundation, Inc. (AGY) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in June 2018, providing services to eradicate poverty in Ghana West-Africa. AGY’s projects are implemented by well-trained, carefully selected staff members who reflect an optimal blend of academic qualifications and relevant practical experience. AGY strives to provide a thorough foundation for future success to as many individuals as possible, driven by progressive ideas, bold actions, and support of working with the global community to create solutions to eradicate poverty in Ghana.

We inspire and practice policies that will lead to the elimination of poverty, alleviation of suffering and the achievement of sustainable livelihoods in Ghana by working together to empower individuals, communities, and the world to build a strong network with organizations that will effect:-

 Educating and empowering youth and citizens to have a positive attitude toward taking up responsibilities in the development of the country.
Supporting policies that promote social justice and the protection of fundamental human rights, dignity and a decent life

CHANGE THROUGH INNOVATION: Investing in innovative ideas that will create jobs and bring economic and infrastructural development to Ghana.

CHANGE THROUGH SERVICE DELIVERY: Providing access to free quality healthcare and education, to improve the livelihood of individuals.

Want to help end extreme poverty? Join our movement.

Fund a community business, create a sustainable business, and transform lives. Join us in our movement to end extreme poverty for 3.8 million Ghanaians by 2050.