Upcoming Event : Together Developing Ghana (TDG) Conference 2024

Upcoming Event : TDG Conference 2024


Together Developing Ghana (TDG) Conference 2024

The Arise Ghana Youth Foundation proudly announces the Together Developing Ghana Conference, an annual summit poised to become a cornerstone event in national development and unity. Established on the foundation’s core principles of eradicating poverty, promoting non-political and non-religious unity, and harnessing the power of like-minded individuals from around the globe, this conference embodies our slogan, “Together Developing Ghana,” bringing it to life in a tangible, impactful gathering.

The Together Developing Ghana Conference is not merely an event; it is a beacon of hope, courage, and collective action. It is designed to ignite a “we can do it” spirit among Ghanaians, reinforcing the belief that through unity and shared effort, the dream of building a prosperous country is within reach. This conference serves as a platform for uniting influential individuals—leaders, thinkers, and visionaries—who are committed to championing our cause and spearheading the journey towards a brighter future for Ghana.

With a strict by-invitation approach, we ensure that every participant brings value and is genuinely invested in our mission. The conference will be broadcast live on social media platforms and national television, allowing the message of hope and collective action to reach millions, both locally and internationally.

A distinguishing feature of the conference is its diverse and inclusive program. Featuring performances that showcase Ghana’s rich cultural heritage, the event will be a vibrant celebration of our identity and values. Additionally, esteemed speakers will take the stage, to deliver powerful motivational messages on nation-building, sharing insights and inspiring action towards the common goal of uplifting Ghana.

The Together Developing Ghana Conference also serves as a transparent forum for the Arise Ghana Youth Foundation to report back to the nation. We will share our progress, including developmental milestones, financial transparency regarding funds raised and their allocation, announcements of new partnerships, and the tangible impacts of our collective efforts. This accountability aspect reinforces our commitment to integrity and effectiveness in our mission.

Moreover, the conference will honor individuals who have made significant achievements in the past year, celebrating their contributions to Ghana’s development. These awards not only recognize exceptional contributions but also inspire others to strive for excellence and impact in their endeavors.

Envisioned as a yearly milestone, the Together Developing Ghana Conference aims to foster a sense of national pride, unity, and purpose. It is more than an event; it is a movement towards a united, prosperous Ghana, driven by the collective will and action of its people and supporters worldwide.

In crafting this unique annual gathering, we are not just hosting a conference; we are laying the groundwork for a sustained, collaborative effort to build the Ghana we all dream of—a nation marked by prosperity, unity, and relentless progress towards eradicating poverty and enhancing the quality of life for all its citizens.


Accra International Conference Center (AICC)


Saturday 17th August, 2024


10:00 AM

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