Upcoming Event : Together Developing Ghana (TDG) Conference 2024

Upcoming Event : TDG Conference 2024

Our Story so far

AGY Associations/Clubs

There are limited educational opportunities and resources available for individuals to prepare for a better life in Ghana. The lack of quality academic programs stunts personal development and individual ability to effect socio-economic change. AGY envisions addressing these needs by offering high-quality, cost-effective, life enhancing opportunities to those in need. The foundation visits schools and assists set up of AGY Associations or clubs to be visited periodically with experienced speakers, consultants, entrepreneurs etc. to advise and motivate students on a variety of topics like setting up their own business etc. AGY empowers their students to understand that they are capable to take action themselves rather than relying on their families or government to do it for them.

AGY Agriculture

Ghana’s economy is dominated by agriculture, which employs most of the working population. AGY is using Agriculture to eradicate poverty from Ghana. AGY’s approach to redevelop communities in the country is by creating agricultural jobs which provides employment for the residents and uses a percentage of the proceeds earned from production to rebuild their communities, provide them with free healthcare facilities as well as modern schools etc.

AGY Community Empowerment

AGY strives to help communities with their needs by encouraging them to commit to be a part of the solutions needed. Poverty alleviation, quality education, food security, access to health care and employment are just some of the target focuses.


“ AGY visited and donated to our orphanage. God bless them. We support AGY “

Mawusi Care Centre

Want to help end extreme poverty? Join our movement.

Fund a community business, create a sustainable business, and transform lives. Join us in our movement to end extreme poverty for 3.8 million Ghanaians by 2050.
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