Our Model

A workable and practical approach to total poverty eradication

We are an organization driven by progressive ideas, bold actions, and a strong foundation in support of working together with everyone around the world (both Ghanaians and Non-Ghanaians) in making Ghana a Great country.

Working together with everyone to empower individuals, cities, towns, and communities etc. to effect change and build a strong network that will eventually lead to the total elimination of poverty in Ghana.

Our approach is by redeveloping communities in the country by providing Agricultural Jobs which will provide employment for the people and use the proceeds to rebuild the communities into modern structures, providing them with quality healthcare facilities, modern structure schools with up to standard computer labs, libraries etc. and improving the livelihood of individuals in Ghana.

A detailed Look at our Model:

  • Team’s meeting with opinion and traditional leaders after which an official partnership is initiated
  • Signing of MOU

  • AGY team of researchers go to community to research on suitable business for the community​

  • Community owned business registered
  • Business bank account opened

  • Drafted tender document for redevelopment of community produced
  • Invitation of bid from contractors
  • Project awarded to deserving contractors

Training and capacity building for community

  • All AGY communities brought under AGY network for inter-community business transactions